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I agree with Doronjo; no one, absolutely no one, uses Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon, as well as Hyper Beam, Giga Impact and Roar of Time competitively. All six moves leave the user a sitting duck the next turn, rendering them as setup or revenge kill bait.

It's true that Hydro Pump is one of the best Water moves available, but the Stone Edge-level accuracy is off-putting, making some players opt for the more reliable, but weaker, Surf. Both have their merits, though. Scald is the best utility move introduced in Gen V, IMO, as bulky Waters can fish for the 30% burn chance by spamming it (not mindlessly, of course).

You should mention Giga Drain in the Grass moves section, as it gained a power buff in Gen V. While Leaf Blade is a good move, it's let down by bad distribution; notable users of the move, like Sceptile, Serperior and Leafeon, are in the lower tiers. Petal Dance is a worse Outrage, IMO, as Grass isn't the best attacking type; only 1 type resists Dragon (Steel) and 7 types resist Grass (Dragon, Steel, Poison, Fire, Bug, Flying and Grass themselves), making it a bad move to be locked into. The most notable user of Petal Dance, however, is Lilligant, whose Own Tempo ability blocks the confusion side-effect of the move. SolarBeam is better on Sun teams, and only on those teams who can get that weather up consistently. Leaf Storm is best on Choice sets, as the user isn't meant to stay in for long; notable users include Rotom-C and Sceptile.