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Originally Posted by Puppeteer Mask View Post
If I may toss out a third option (well, less a third option and more a trip into my own little world of headcanon) I always figured that the gym leaders, even low level ones like Brock and Misty adjusted the degree of strength in their team in accordance to the skill of the trainer. I mean, if a kid was to start pokemon training in, say, Cinnibar, he'd be pretty much screwed if Blaine only ever used the same team. Also, if this is going to be sandbox-y, which from what I understand it kind of will be later on down the road, then there's the chance that some of us will wind up breaking the sequence and challenging the leaders in a different order from eachother. At that point, a gym leader like, say, Erika is going to be of no consequence to the player if they've already crushed Koga or Sabrina's gym. (Actually for that matter, what timeline are we even in? Is Koga the gym leader or is he Elite Four? For that matter, is Sabrina the gym leader or is she off being a movie star? ...oh god if Sabrina's off being a movie star then WHO'S SAFFRON GYM LEADER!? IS THERE EVEN A SAFFRON CITY GYM!? IS IT LAVENDER TOWN GYM NOW!? OH GOD NO... THIS IS ALL JUST ONE GREAT BIG CREEPYPASTA IN DISGUISE, ISN'T IT!? WE'RE ALL GOING TO BE EATEN ALIVE BY ZOMBIES AREN'T WE!? OH GOD... *get-ahold-of-yourself-woman slapped*) I would suggest perhaps changing up the leaders' teams to suit the character challenging them. You know, based upon their current skill and party size. That's not to say that they shouldn't be a challenge, nor that I think applying a level limit for the characters to meet before standing a feasible chance at winning is a bad idea. In fact, I'd encourage aspects of Option 1 anyways so that the weaker characters do have that incentive to - while not necessarily catch up to the stronger players - improve upon their weakness and come out with a more powerful team. Losing can be incredibly character building, after all. Just look at Gary after he got trounced by Mewtwo. If thinking up individual teams is too much work for one person, we could always collaborate together on this board and help eachother think up teams for other characters to fight. It could be fun.
This RP will not be sandbox-y in that sense. If you want sandboxy-ness, you should join my other RP Monster Art Online instead; even though the areas open up one after another, there are no specific chapters and you can go anywhere you like in the allowed areas.

For echo; I have a set route that the chapters will follow. However, I guess you do have the option to travel backwards to past areas if you wish, and thus skipping one gym to beat it at a later occasion. But then I'd probably require at least one post for every area you passed through on your way back to a previous gym :p

Losing to a gym does indeed seem like something that could be very character building.

Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post
Sorry, what I meant is do we HAVE to use them immediately or do can we wait if we choose to?

In the 5th gen. games, when you use TMs, they don't go away and can be reused over and over on other Pokemon, so you couldn't theoretically teach the same TM to several Pokemon who can learn it without having to rely on breeding as a backdoor method to get those movesets. Very similar to HMs but you don't have to visit the move deleter to remove HM skills as opposed to TMs.

I personally prefer the 5th gen. method but I can understand the reasons for adopting the older method instead.

I sort of had the same train of thought. However, I do think we ought to have different gym leaders from the games, at least to some extent, unless this RP takes place in an alternate timeline from the games and anime (otherwise it would make no sense to battle Brock).

Still, gym leaders shouldn't adjust their teams too much if they do. Gym battles are meant to test the capabilities of the trainer so I will dissent on the adjusted teams philosophy. Our battling is more akin to the anime as well, so lower level, unevolved Pokemon can have a better shot at taking on a tougher opponent with the right strategy.
I will give the gym leaders their species, that's for sure at least. Maybe I'll let you pick three pokémon to use in the battle out of five available in the leader's possession or something.

Also, you can use TMs immediately or save for later use. But they will disappear after one use. More challenging like that :3

This RP is set in an alternate timeline, yes. The gyms will have the same types and probably the same leaders as the old games though. Plot reasons :3 As for Koga, you'll just have to wait and see!

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