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I know I messed it up the first time by only listing without giving a reason why, so now I know better, here is 2nd attempt:

• Bug: Leavanny, I don't like bug-Pokemon much, but non other bugs looked interesting

• Dark: Liepard is my number one #1 Pokemon, so its no surprise its also my favorite type of Pokemon too. Its the looks on its eyes that really get me, and the fur markings too. Liepard has become the #1 in my heart. Its eyes are sort of using attract on me, and its extremely effective on me.

• Dragon: Axew, blame it on Iris in the anime, I like Fraxure a bit more.

• Electric: Emolga no other electric type Pokemon comes even close, look at the cuteness its eyes and heart, it has Volt Switch, and in the anime it has a really cool sounding voice, especially when its laughing.

• Fighting:Mienfoo, I fell in love with Mienfoo's design, too me it has a weaselish type body, and it has drain punch, my favorite fighting attack

• Fire: Pignite, not too much into fire-types, but definitely would go to Pignite.

• Flying: Swanna, personally don't like flying types as much, really love when I use Roost, and hate when its used against me, drags the battles too long

• Ghost: Cohagrigus's design looks creepy if I had to see it at night, but would make a great album cover for the metal band Nile, I can see it now.

• Grass: Servine best grass Pokemon created to date, I wouldn't dream about using any other grass type, along with Snivy and Serperior, I love their designs, they are screaming at me to play Pokemon White again

• Ground: Krokorok, at first I didn't want to give it a chance, when I did I'm glad I made the choice, it has really helped me out along the way.

• Ice: Beartic, I couldn't exactly find a Ice-type I liked the most but I'll give the credit to Beartic, I have not been able to find one yet.

• Normal: my heart is screaming out for Persian but Watchog's eye, heart, and cuteness isn't letting me do so. Watchog has been my partner since I first catch them as Patrat (which I love too)

• Poison: Scolipede, its first bug-type but also has poison type too, so its the one I like by design the most

• Psychic: Sigilyph, looks frightening from certain angles, but like its design

• Rock: Crustle, I know its part bug part rock, but I also not too much into rock Pokemon either

• Steel: another type of which I don't like much, so my only choice is also part bug. Genesect, can't wait to see it in the movie

• Water: Dewott, Oshawott and Samurott too, no other Water Pokemon comes even close for my likings, well Buizel/Floatzel may come close, but for design and beauty Dewott takes all the credit. Why in my games he's the strongest and holds an everstone.

there were too many others to mention from other generations, but still Unova Pokemon appeal more to me. I still like Pokemon from other regions (with the exception of Johto, only like 1).
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