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Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
It's all down to personal preference, I would take a look at both XBL and PSN and see which you prefer; along with the games and all. But it wouldn't hurt to wait for the PS4 or 720, would it? That way you could be saving money up to the release and would be able to splash more cash on games when one of them do get released. Since you have a PC and a Wii U, surely you can wait. You can spend time playing on those 2. You're set until the release of 720 and PS4.
Well the PSN and XBLA stores both have games I want, but Fez, Shadow Complex and various Dreamcast games have a hold over me. If the stores do carry over completely, much unlike the Wii store to the Wii U, then I would surely go for a PS4/720 in the long run. I'm waiting for that crucial info of course. And of course I'm waiting, I mean like 5-6 months down the line, depending on what the price for the PS4/720 turns out to be, and if it would be viable to go for that, or an older console.

Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
To be honest I think this time is a good time to get a PS3, if you never did. PS Plus especially right now is better than ever. (make sure you subscribe to it so you get to play Vanquish, inFamous 2 and LBP2 for free!)

That and there are promising exclusives around this time. Ni No Kuni and PS All Stars just came out and they are both very solid, and there's still Puppeteer, Sly 4, Last of Us and MLB 13: The Show around the corner. You also get the great range of exclusives you missed (Uncharted, inFamous, Demon's Souls, WipEout to name some...), and great HD collections of previous PS2 games if you never played them. (I recommend MGS and Jak, personally. ) The only thing it has going against it right now is that it's usually the worst for multiplat titles, but I don't think that matters much now and the price is great.

Wii U can wait. As much as I love NSMB Wii U (most fun I've had with a 2D Mario since I can remember <3) and Nintendo Land, there's literally nothing special about it. I'd wait until more games come out for it.

Off to play Gravity Rush...

EDIT: Missed you post about the 360. Well it depends on your preferences, and I'd take a look at both's selections of games before I decide. I've only bought the PS3 recently, but I personally like it better than the 360. But again, it's preferences.
Yeah, inFamous, and Devil Souls are definitely what are steering me to the PS3, along with GoW and the rest of the Rachet and Clank games. Recently got into them on PS2, and I need more! Can't forget the Killzone games,and Resistance. God I don't even know what I was thinking considering the 360. I couldn't go without them, and seeing how XBLA is on PC, most of the games there I can already get. PS3 is probably a lock now, with more consideration....

Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
Well, yes, there is that option, too. But still, quite a broad range on both 360 and 720. Keep in mind that there are some Xbox and PS3 exclusive games; such as Halo for the 360. Spino showed a bunch of games you can buy if you were to get the PS3, however would cost plenty to buy the lot xD.

Yeah, PC has a lot of exclusive games which I would look into. There is Metro 2033, with Metro: Last Light set for release in March. Minecraft (which you must have heard of) and Terraria which is similar. You have games such as The Binding of Isaac, Awesomenauts, Chivalry and the list goes on and on. What's so wonderful is that Steam has so many PC exclusive games and they're not games which cost a fortune. In fact, most of the games on Steam cost less than £20. Steam also have many sales and deals; Hitman Absolution was 66% off, Sleeping Dogs was 75% off etc. you get the jist. The PC itself may cost a lot, but the games are at a very nice value and Steam has a huge audience, so never expect to be lonely in a multiplayer game.

Just think about it, but don't jump to a conclusion too quick or you will regret it.
I don't regret quick buys. I bought a 3DS instead of an XL, and even if its cramped for my huge hands, I appreciate how crisp the screen is compared to the stretch fest on the XL.

Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
Well, you have a good chance of games on the 360/720 going on the PC, especially the first party ones (such as Fable, where the only ones that are unavailable are Fable 2 and Journey), so it's not an nonviable strategy to stick to the PC. That, and MS has been trying to integrate Live into most of their products (especially Windows 8)
Exaclty why I'm leaning more towards the PS3 now. I decided in under 20 minutes, but that's how most of them go. I also lack any faith for the future consoles, even if exclusives come.