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    Daricka "Wildfire" Cambar

    Daricka glanced toward Vigil as he approached to explain what he'd learned from the trio of Pokemon they'd rescued. Quickly dropping her burden on the pile of bodies, she shifted closer to hear what he had to say, not paying any mind to the blood that stained her fur. Her expression was relaxed yet intense at the same time as she soaked in the Bisharp's words, her mind working rapidly as she thought the matter over carefully. On one hand, if they were telling the truth, a Pokemon with that amount of knowledge of Cape City could be a useful ally. On the other hand, they could be lying to lure them into a trap set by the Silver Tribe. But if that was the case, why hadn't Sentry simply finished them off when he had the chance? Did they have something bigger planned? There was the off-chance that he didn't believe he could defeat them at the time, but she highly doubted that was the case, partly because of his mutterings about Auron's orders.

    Daricka moved her gaze to the trio, scrutinizing each of them. The Tyrogue seemed to be the most rash out of them all and especially proud of their current mission. However, he seemed to listen to Lashire, leading her to believe that the Pawniard must be the leader of the small group. The Eevee seemed to shy and submissive to pull off anything big, but appearances could be deceiving.

    "Vigil, what if the Sentinels get to this guy first? If he's not yet on our side... he might be with theirs. These three could be spies. I doubt it, but it doesn't hurt considering everything, especially after the betrayal of those Raticates." Daricka's ear twitched at Bloodthirster's voice. It seemed she wasn't the only one thinking of the possibility of another betrayal.

    "I realize how you feel," Vigil said in reply to Bloodthirster's query. "And I agree, we have to be wary. But to not trust anyone based on the acts of those with past bad blood between us is folly. Many hate the Silver Tribe, and this guy probably is one of them. Besides, we need to find Defender, and they said he could help us free Cape City. Isn't that worth the risk? If it comes to the point that we have to fight our way out, or anything of the manner, we'll manage. This time, we'll be prepared. We're the Gold Tribe, after all. Right?"

    That much was true. They wouldn't be taken off guard again. As each member of the Gold Tribe drifted off to nearby spots to sleep, Vigil staying up to watch over the camp, Daricka stretched out next to the fire and soon joined the ranks of her sleeping comrades.
    It seemed like it had only been a few moments when Daricka reopened her eyes to the light of the rising sun. Though she did indeed feel refreshed after the rest, sleep still stung at her eyes. Though, with all the fights the Gold Tribe had been involved in as of late, that was to be expected. No doubt it would be quite sometime before she was able to get the full amount of sleep needed to be completely rejuvenated. Shrugging off thoughts of staying in her relaxed position next to the smoldering remains of the fire, Daricka picked herself up off the ground, rolling her shoulders to loosen up her muscles before digging a few berries out of her pack; a small yet substantial meal. The others were doing similar actions as they roused themselves and each other.