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Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
I don't regret quick buys. I bought a 3DS instead of an XL, and even if its cramped for my huge hands, I appreciate how crisp the screen is compared to the stretch fest on the XL.
It's really not bad thanks to the increased dpi compared to the DSiXL. I might end up getting the 3DS again later when it's cheap, but the XL does provide a nice experience because of the increased dpi, so the stretch looks nice. Also, an added bonus is that DSiware loses the blur it had on the 3DS. Still, I'm glad Nintendo decided to make a 3DS and an XL without any additions in between, making it a matter of choice rather than a matter of which is better (which was a smart move on the publisher front).

Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
Exactly why I'm leaning more towards the PS3 now. I decided in under 20 minutes, but that's how most of them go. I also lack any faith for the future consoles, even if exclusives come.
I'd say that I'm the same way. There's nothing that really has me excited about the new home consoles (except for the new Xeno game and SSB4). Hopefully E3 will change that, but even this generation I use my PC for most of my gaming purposes.
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