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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
It's really not bad thanks to the increased dpi compared to the DSiXL. I might end up getting the 3DS again later when it's cheap, but the XL does provide a nice experience because of the increased dpi, so the stretch looks nice. Also, an added bonus is that DSiware loses the blur it had on the 3DS. Still, I'm glad Nintendo decided to make a 3DS and an XL without any additions in between, making it a matter of choice rather than a matter of which is better (which was a smart move on the publisher front).
The 3DS and Xl both have the same DPi, the bigger screens remedy nothing but the 3D range and the DS native resolution is basically the DSi. Its the one thing that had me going considering how I want to try everything the DS had, but the 3DS is fine enough. I hold it pretty far away from my face, like in my lap when sitting in a chair, so the smudginess is lost mostly.

I'd say that I'm the same way. There's nothing that really has me excited about the new home consoles (except for the new Xeno game and SSB4). Hopefully E3 will change that, but even this generation I use my PC for most of my gaming purposes.
Exactly. This generation did have something going for it, but I considered the best time would be towards the end, like the PS2, which is around now I'm assuming.

Hmm, one thing I do not like about the next consoles is the idea and rumor that the next console will have subsidized versions, like a cable box. How would that work exactly? I mean if so, then wouldn't the non subsidized permanently yours console be severely hindered if they decide to give discount prices, or even a DRM method through it? And why would you pay for retail games for a console that's not your's, unless retail is going to take a back seat of sorts. Something tells me if this rumor does come out true, then the Americ centric focus Apple has(meaning here in Europe there are so many gimped features like the 360 as well) might carry over to them. I dunno if I'm liking this at all...