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Somehow it did not occur to Sovereign that the Gold Tribe was heading there without the accompanyment they always brought with them. "What difference does it make? It simply means they are a bunch of fools who don't realize what they're up against. Perhaps they have become complacent with their recent victories? Feeling us an easy foe. It's a mistake that will only get them killed."

Sovereign had nothing more to say on the topic. His blood was boiling and he was ready for a fight. Then, a distant rumble. He could feel it in the earth as he stood. Something of his element. An Earthquake? It couldn't be. It was too soon. The Gold Tribe couldn't be here so soon. Could they? Sovereign tried to get a lock on where in the city the rumble had originated, but it was already gone, and perhaps it wasn't close enough. "Something's here. I think inside the city. I felt an Earthquake."