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    Originally Posted by EvilSkittles View Post
    I was basically forced into French horn my seventh grade year when I started band. When I was in sixth grade everyone was given a sound test. You had to differentiate between pitches, tell which one was higher or lower, etc. Well those that scored high were encouraged into the music programs. The highest scorers in band were greatly
    encouraged to play French horn.

    Then again, I did love it. The horn is a devil to play but since there were so few of us, you got really close with your section. We had 3 horns seventh grade year, 8 in eight and when I got to high school 14. That is considered a lot in my region. The 8 of us in my year were the most to sweep through the district in a long time.

    Did you play the concert horn or the marching horn? I can easily see why you would want to quit if you had to play concert horn, that thing is the devil incarnate.
    Unfortunately, the concert horn. It was completely out of my comfort zone and very different from woodwinds. I give props to anyone who has the stamina to play brass instruments. Woodwinds have it easy, haha.
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