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    Step back a moment...

    While Krissu had been fighting the Weedle, Ange had tried the daring little task of coaxing down her unconcerned Caterpie. Kii had ignored the poisonous little bug for the most part, focusing on the berries that were making her mouth(?) water. “Kii...”Ange murmured. “Come on down okay?” Next to her, Sia was using Psywave to no avail. Apparently, Psychic moves didn’t really work at all on Caterpies. Who knew?

    Ange frowned. She really couldn’t climb the tree... Ange was relatively sure she couldn’t climb a thing actually... she never had. Ange looked between the tree and her Solosis and frowned. “Hey Sia... try that spinny thing...” Wait what was it called? “Rollout.” Sia blinked beady eyes and obeyed, spinning and rushing forward to make the tree wobble. Caterpie clung fiercely with its pads, glaring at Ange. The girl didn’t understand why Kii wasn’t really listening to her. Maybe it’s because I’m not good enough...

    To her surprise, she found that thought was strangely... disheartening.

    She was dragging Krissu down, wasn’t she? She glanced back at the other girl, who was walking back to her. Ange wasn’t quite sure what emotion was vivid on Krissu’s face but she could guess. It was pride. Krissu was proud of what she had done. Had Ange done anything worth being proud of? Probably not. Kii knew it. Maybe Sia would know it too.

    Benjy had known already.

    That was probably why he had gotten her this game; to tell her this. She was a weak, weak person... and shouldn’t she be stronger? Shouldn’t she be more than this? Why though? Why should she be more? What was important about that?

    “I’m not friends with stupid people!”

    “Like me?”
    she had wanted to ask. For some reason, she hadn’t asked. Ange pondered a moment again. Was Krissu with her out of pity? That would be horrible. Pity was horrible. No one pitied her, not even for being blind. If she was going to help Krissu, she was going to have to be stronger, much stronger than any of them, or at least stronger than Kii.

    Ange took a deep breath... and shook her head. “Okay Kii,” she decided firmly. “If you want to stay, then you stay. I’m gonna go ahead with Sia. I wanted to see a lot of fun places with you, but if you want to stay with the Berries, then go ahead.” With that, she turned, smiled at Krissu, and bowed her head a little shyly. “I’m sorry about this. Can you watch Kii for me? I'll be back real, real soon.” She ran in the direction of the fire. Sia let out a squeak and blew a gap in the embers with Psywave, floating after his trainer with a reproachful cry towards the Caterpie he had worked so hard to capture. Kii just stared, wide eyes then widening with horror as he fell from the branch.

    Meanwhile, Ange ran deeper into the darkness of Route 31. She kind of liked the darkness here. It was... familiar, natural. She didn’t need her eyes. She needed her ears, her hands.

    At that moment, Ange decided she hated her eyes. So she closed them.

    She walked forward now, no longer finding the urge to run. The wind blew gently, making an odd, echoey noise. Small noises, rather like screeching, were far away, but they existed, clear for us all. Ange smiled, feeling the softness of grass on her shoes beginning to change to a rougher, rockier road.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."