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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
You're allowed to trade or hack in the valentine Pokemon, but not the others.
It's good best friend has many favorites, so my team is good now

The Present: Hitmonlee (Kicking stuff FTW...the ULTIMATE GIFT!!!)

The Valentine: Raichu (Hope it's a female...this MIGHT be useful, not a Pikachu, lol.)

The Attraction: Vaporeon (To me, Eevee and it's evolutions are supposed to Attract and I wanna use one!)

The Duo: Nidoqueen (Using Nidoking in a Red Nuzlocke...why not use her? Besides, it's the only duo I know of in FR/LG and I'm attracted to females, so yeah.)

The Pink: Clefable (It's pink...and kinda wanted to use one.)

The Flower: Venusaur (Haven't used this guy in a LONG time.)

I might also pair up these guys into couples just because it's a love challenge

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