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Like most of those era of CN cartoons, it had its fair share of adult humor. Always loved the shady salesman myself. And god no, don't let Adult Swim touch it. Its good as is, and I wouldn't be happy to see it tampered. That would be as bad as going back to Billy and Mandy, which is another excellent CN classic.(DESTROY US ALL!)

Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
I love how all the ordinary programming from my childhood is being brought back on Adult Swim or is being talked about being put on late night, more mature programming. Kids these days are wimps.
This, this, and THIS. Anything from the late 90s early 2000s is seemingly too strong for kids these day. I cannot comprehend it at all to be honest, cause 6-10 years is too short of a time span to have the strong humor and clever radar avoidance cut out completely. Tried talking to my Cousin about early Spongebob, and he never seen an epsiode earlier then 2007, not because he wasn't old enough back then, but also cause the really early stuff is a bit more....risque. Try explaining the panty raid episode to a kid after watching random episodes.

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