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    Originally Posted by HackChu View Post
    Why does he check for badges? Anyways...
    I'm placing a significantly less emphasis on Pokedex completion on DarkViolet, and more of an emphasis on defeating Gym Leaders. Hence why Oak no longer checks your Pokedex
    And also to avoid this scenario:
    Oak: "Congratulations! You've completed the Kanto Pokedex!"
    Red: "But...but...I haven't completed up to 210 yet. I've only done 157..."

    Yes, it could be fixed with ASM, but I really don't think it's that important, and I'm horrible at finding ASM routines used by the game.

    I would help you if you'd like, it's been a lot longer since working on Gen 3 hacks as opposed to gen 2 but I understand scripting(well I remember a lot of it depsite not scripting for a long time, though I can handle XSE well).

    It's just, I really want this hack to be finished lol
    Sorry but I don't need any help with scripting. I've already written out the dialogue of the major events for the entire game, and I have a document keeping track of what variables/flags I've used and how they will be used in the future.

    A suggestion. Is it possible for you to make it like B/W where instead of showing how many pokemon you caught, it goes by how many you've seen? I'm sure it is.
    Yeah it's possible, since Jambo51 posted how in the R/D thread. But there's other issues with the Pokedex I need to take care of first.