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Let's just say that we should save the environment just because we can.

It's all part of science - and science is to see the world as it is.

Until the day comes when we document EVERY living creature that will ever live, that's when we should just give up and nuke the whole place to oblivion.

But until then, we should work to keep the things as they are right now.

though I agree that we should just stop giving documentaries to the whales, it's really pointless. If I want information, I'll look up research papers.

Though I don't see how that's a "compelling" "argument" - it's just an opinion-based clash of ignorance.

"We need more arrogant people in the world."
no, no we don't. Social problems are caused by arrogant people. Why are there inequalities? Arrogant people. Why do we drive gas cars? Arrogance. Why did we destroy the environment for a good half a millennia before thinking about it and rushing to fix it? Arrogance.

"But imo, I think everyone's too busy panicking about the environment that we're not seeing **** clearly."
And you're too busy being cynical that you can't see **** clearly.

"Bleh, screw the sun. We're going to get robots, then we're going to have interstellar space travel. And along the way we're going to save the god damned animals. And then they'll evolve into things that are useless without our help. We'll be colonizing entire galaxies until the universe finally dies out. Which is inevitable."
No we don't. Scientists themselves have said, that the Mars Rover Curiosity ("cutting-edge") is about as smart as a retarded cockroach. It's going to be a lonngggggggggg time before they get enough brainpower in a computer.

"Of course I know the planet's going to get ****e if we don't do anything. But I find trouble caring about it because I think our priorities lie elsewhere.
No, our priorities lie in caring for the environment. Guess why? This is the only place to live, at least until that far-away time where we can live in space stations (read: in a long-ass time). We need to think about how we're going to live here. Unless you're a suicidal sadist, in which we're going to need you to go to a psychiatric hospital.
"I don't really care for the environment; Every animal can die for all I care"

"Ecosystem's going to die sooner or later"
"polar bears should die, like everything else will. Really no point in delaying something"
Of course it is - but, the universe is going to end sooner or later, right? Even so, we don't actively look for ways to destroy the fabric of space-time, do we? We don't terrorize everything in a few hundred parsecs because "**** it, this is going to end sooner or later", right? We don't ALL kill ourselves, because "**** it, we're going to die anyways sooner or later", right? We don't ALL spend all our money, because "**** it, we're all going to spend it anyways sooner or later.", right?

I just think you're friend, no offense, has seriously come down with a case of the retards. I'm sorry, but he shouldn't be allowed to live - these are the people who have destroyed the Earth for 500 years, these are the people who have made our environment in such miserable condition - these are the people with no foresight, and we shouldn't have foresight for their sakes.

I could barely stand to read them, because they're just…so…IGNORANT.

All in all, if you hate the environment, leave it alone. You live in the city, the place of asphalt and destroyed biomes, take heart in that! You don't need to **** all over science just because you hate it!

And for the other side, too. I don't give a damn about your stupid environment, leave me alone!

But the government is a neutral organization - we should fund the preservation of the environment, not fund propaganda posters.
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