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There's something outside of the observable plane of existence that we can't know about (we will literally destroy ourselves if we learn of that "other" thing completely) that created us in one way or another, but that's only the trigger.

Everything else happened as it has been told to happen. Creationism, yes, it's stupid. No real God or whatever exists here, but outside of "existence" (meaning all the universes and stuff) there's something (maybe not even a "thing", as I told you, nobody can learn of the secret) that created us - directly or indirectly, purposely or by accident.

And intelligent design is not true - we just happen to have been deposited here, in a by-chance planet and body where things look cool and whatnot. So it's not more of "intelligent design", as much as "intelligent deposit". Much less arrogant, also, which is a plus. Any God other than the one that caused "existence" is just a lie. And God doesn't have a huge beard, or shrouded in light - he's something, maybe not something - he doesn't have any conceivable form that wouldn't literally destroy your brains just by the sheer immensity of the description. We can only personify him, so that he doesn't melt our brains.

You will also notice, that my description of "that guy" are very closely to the Christian description of God. I'm sorry - since there's no way to explain it to you all "perfectly", my biases are rooted in the description. Just think of it this way - "It is, but not how you are." Anything you've seen, ever learned about, ever thought - it's all nonsense when you compare it to the other thing, and vice versa.
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