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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Given that this region is most likely set around France, and that Paris is within France and is a well-known part of France, the thing that comes to my mind is love/romance. Or at least it's seen as the city of love. This begs the question as to whether this'll make any impact upon you in-game. What if your character went on a date with another, considering that Ferris Wheel rides in the Unova games were kind of likes dates, or every evening you could sit down with someone and discuss things and he would give you a reward at the end of you listened to him, and brought a coffee which would have some sort of effect on your Pokemon. Or maybe even one of the rivals openly having a crush on your character and trying to declare their love for your character throughout the game!

Nevertheless, would you like to see love/romance in these games on a deeper level than just shipping characters together in previous games? Do you think it would make the games more realistic, or more boring to you if romance was introduced? How else do you think love and romance could play a role in these games? Could the lovey-dovey trainer class appear a lot in the region as a result, or maybe the Champion has a wife, or a husband even, and actively gives them the spotlight or talks about them.

Share your thoughts!
Since it's still semi-directed toward a child audience this might not happen, I'd love it though xD
"If you listen to me, I'll give you money" xD xD Idk, it just sounds, sad xD
Buying a coffee that has effects on your pokemon would be nice though
Throughout the game? That would be a little annoying, like if he/she constantly shows up, creepy even, since that would take it to stalker level xD

Yes, I would like to see some love introduced, it'd be a nice feature xD
Yeah, I feel it would make the games a little more realistic, unless your character is asexual xD
I think it could probably be small so as not to have the game focus around it, but maybe your gf/bf could be like someone you can choose to follow you around and help you, so you can have double battles with them xD against the lovey-dovey trainers too! xD
Yes, I think if the Champion had a wife/husband that it wouldn't over exaggerate it but still expresses that GF (Game Freak not girlfriend xD) is trying to add a little romance.
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