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And so after a while I beat Fantina. Took me a while since I was still playing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and I'm waiting on Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. The battle took forever and my current Pokemon aren't all that strong.

-Explored The Haunted Place

-Battled on Cycling Road
-Traveled to Hearthome City
-Stopped Outside the Gym

-VS Leader Fantina
--VS Duskull: Thief(x8) w/ Jeenius
--VS Mismagius: Psybeam(x18) w/ Argon
--VS Haunter: Psybeam(x2) w/ Argon
-Obtained Relic Badge


Reaper [KRICKETUNE] Lv26 (F)
Quirky Nature @Soothe Bell
-Fury Cutter
-Leech Life

Argon [DUSTOX] Lv27 (M)
Gentle Nature @Poison Barb
Shield Dust
-Poison Sting

Jeenius [BEAUTIFLY] Lv27 (M)
Bold Nature @Dread Plate
-Stun Spore
-Mega Drain

And now I'll play HeartGold again and beat Jasmine.