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Not to backseat mod, but you better quickly get 3 more pics in here.

There's not a whole lot I can say, considering I know squat about 3D modeling despite spending some class time in it. My only suggestion is to smooth out Porygon's head all the way, as it looks like the top of his head is a little jagged (or it's the angle). I do love me some Porygon, though, one of my favorites from the first generation.

Actually, I bought a Porygon figurine just so I knew how to animate it in the game I'm working on. If any local store is still selling the Heart Gold/Soul Silver stuff, look for the Chikorita, Phanpy and Porygon pack. Totally worth whatever it cost just to get a 3D sculpt of Porygon.

I'd like to see whatever you've got planned for a 3D movie. Good luck, though. Seems like it'd be harder than a 2D movie (but less time consuming).

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