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I... can't view any of your new pics. Is it just me? Is anyone else having that problem? I don't wanna spam, but I thought I'd bring it to your attention, or at least find out if others have the same problem.

Also, I hear ya about keeping yourself occupied when feeling down. I ended up making giftart for someone (a white Nidorina picture) to keep my mind off of news that made me sick to my stomach. I had to find something else to do. It's all good.

Edit: I just decided to do a right click > properties thing and copy and paste the hyperlinks into my search bar. I'll leave the above post up because I still want to know if it's just me, but here's some new stuff based on the new art:

I like the newest picture, I'm guessing that's the Homestuck one? I'm unfamiliar with the series. I like how it's mostly made up of purple and blue colors. I also really like the commander picture, mostly by the way you painted it. I like seeing the yellows go into the greens, great stuff.

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