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Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
Yes, I did notice that. Just to make sure, you are using the person event number that you can change, correct? You wouldn't be the first to mess that up, myself included.

Just a trick, open it up after you compiled it. Does it look like it should?

Also, it is not necessary to specify the person event number on waitmovement. Waitmovement 0x0 will halt all execution until all preceding applymovement scripts have completed.
Haha, wow, so it turns out, changing it to 0x0C worked, I assumed that was the problem, as for the other, I actually did set it to 3, when the event number was 4, so now everthing is working. xD
Also, I didn't know that about the waitmovement, that'll be nice to not have to worry about! Thanks for the help!