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    I need people to help me out with this. i can do the designs and the plot, but I need spriters and mappers and all that.

    So, it's basically this. It starts out like any other Pokemon game. You choose to be either a boy or a girl, gender you don't pick becomes your pseudo-rival, some other person becomes your rival, you get 8 badges to enter the League, and you have to defeat an evil team whose plot relevancy will overshadow the standard gym badges=Elite Four plot. Anyway, this story takes place in the region of Orion. Its shape is a plus sign. There are 2 towns and 2 cities on each quadrant, with one big city in the middle, Orion City. This game will feature manga inspired undertones.

    Our hero starts off in Harbor Town in East Orion. He/she is reading a news article about this region's evil team, Team Universe. It says that Universe is building a device that can enable them to travel the Pokemon multiverse. The hero/ine wishes that they could do something to stop it. After a time, s/he realizes the time and heads off to Maplewood to get his/her Pokemon. His/her 2 best friends are there. The pseudo-rival and the rival. After a rival battle, they venture forth.

    After the 2nd badge, a blonde girl runs up to you to make you battle her. You do so. After the 5th badge, another girl runs up to you for a battle. After the battle, Blue, the Viridian City gym leader/Red's rival/former Kanto champion runs up to you too to explain some things. Yellow and Leaf were the girls you battled. He explains that he, Red, Yellow, and Leaf(The four Pokedex holders from Kanto) arrived in Orion 2 weeks ago to check out Team Universe's schemes. They were captured, but only Blue escaped. He's been trying to find a way to get his friends back ever since. You offer to help, but Blue declines stating that he doesn't want anyone else in trouble and walks away. Your rival and pseudo-rival, who overheard the conversation, express their worries over his friends.

    After the 6th badge, you encounter Red. You lose the battle, but Blue comes in just in time to start a battle, but Red withdraws and disappears. Blue wonders why they're only targeting you and not your friends, then goes away to do something.

    After the 8th badge, you try to enter Orion City again since the Battle Tower is there. It's blocked off by Team Universe grunts. Blue arrives along with your best friends/pseudo-rival and rival. They attempt to have a battle, but the grunts wish to fight without Pokemon. Either way, you're supposed to win. You enter the city to see that Team Universe took over. You enter the Battle Tower and fight grunts on your way up to the top where Team Universe and the brainwashed Pokedex holders finish the Multiverse device. There is an Earthquake and a flash of light, and wouldn't you know? Ash Ketchum from the anime universe pops up. With that, Blue battles Red, the rival battles Leaf, the pseudo-rival battles Yellow, Ash battles the second-in-command, and you battle the boss. After that, you enter another battle with the boss, but without Pokemon. You punch him into the device, destroying it. Now, the day is saved! But, Ash, Pikachu, and his Pokemon are stuck in your universe now. You'll figure out how to get them back another time.

    Anyway, after resting your Pokemon up, you finally, and formally, battle through Battle Tower. You beat the Elite Four and face your rival/champion. Then after entering the Hall of Fame, you say your goodbyes to the Pokedex holders while Ash settles in West Orion. And the game ends. The End.


    Referred to as "Take-chan" by his friends, he is the male hero. 16 years old. He becomes the pseudo-rival if you choose the female heroine. He is very out there if you don't choose him. He's a bit dense, but is smart when he needs to interject it. He's very gullible and makes strange statements that eventually branches off into his own logic. If any. He represents the fact that Pokemon originated in Japan.

    She is the female hero. Also 16 years old. She's the pseudo-rival if you choose Takeru. She's very snarky. She's always the one with smartass comments. She is second smartest. She's the one who usually keeps the other two in their place. So, she's the mediator. Her name represents the fact that early on, the protagonists were named after colours.

    Nicknamed "Matt" by his friends. He is hotheaded, comically serious, and the rival. Or, so he thinks. He just says you're his rival, but in actuality, he does nothing that would qualify him as a rival. Jerk with a heart of gold, yep. He's the smartest of the three, and he is strategic. Somehow. Anyway, his name represents the fact that Pokemon is very popular in the US, Europe, etc.

    Team(So far)

    Roboblob: Storyliner, character design, city design, sprite design, music chooser.

    I just need more spriters, mappers, beta testers, and Pokemon Essentials 11. I'll get around to downloading it eventually. School is busying me for now.
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