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Great to see your new stuff.

Talking to the stars is a funny name just because of where it comes from. Haha, I love the stuff toddlers say. It's a nice piece. I guess the post afterwords from Alex was referring to that one. I think it's fine for what it is, but I'm not the best judge of realistic stuff (didn't I say this already? I swear I can't keep up with the things I write). It took me a while to notice the pattern was of planets, cresents and stars, though.

I like the fact that some of your "lame old doodles" look like cartoons from Fleischer Studios, and judging by Betty Boop in your avatar, I'd assume this is intentional. In fact, heh, it might explain a whole lot more about your artwork. Fleischer Studios's cartoons were anything but ordinary.

I also love your design for Flixen. It's so cute and cuddly looking, though it also kind of looks like it's got an old man beard, heh. You know, I wish what you've made here was the way the creature turned out officially. Even if by some sheer coincidence the official evolutions were dead ringers, I'd still prefer yours over Sugimori's, as yours has a lot more artistic flair. I feel like Sugimori's art just exists to get the point across and no more than that (but then again, that's promotional game art more often than not for you).

Bathing in Rue also looks pretty wonderful, but it really makes me wish you had a scanner. We should donate one to you. What? I hope everything you were feeling included some positive things, though.

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