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The Double Random Tourney

• This is a Double Random Tourney Only.
• Post "in" if you want to join.
• There will be 3 Teams, the Red team, the Blue team, and the Green team.
• 6 People per team.
• Once you join, you will be grouped into a random team.
• Once all your team is complete, your group will decide on a Team Leader.
• After that's done, everyone will be randomly grouped with someone from another team to challenge against.
• The Two teams with the most loses at every round will have a penalty. Your entire group will have to decide on a person you want in your team to be kicked from the tourney.
• There will be some events that'll either help your team win or fall.

• If you forfeit when battling someone, your opponent wins. If it was an accident then re-match.
• All BC rules apply.

~Wind Heart Left
~Shiny Servine
~LMFAO. Word up.
~Gym Leader Jake
~Rainbow Arcanine


Green Team:
- Tackle
- Cid
- Vaporeon7
- Shiny Servine
- P-Sign
- Gym Leader Jake
Total Points: 5.5

Blue Team:
- Wind Heart
- BLOOD-La-Ti-
- Hyperbeem
- king_nick72
- eric2453
- Daydreamsaway
- Rainbow Arcanine
Total Points: 2.0

Red Team:
- glitchguy
- ChocolateCrunch
- Wolflare
- LMFAO. Word up.
- HnSn
- tente2
Total Points: 5.0