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    I don't really have one generation that I absolutely hate or really dislike... most likely gen 5. Samurott and Serperior are cool, but their movepools are kind of bland and Samurott's stats are really average.

    Most of the time I go off look though, because my girly side always comes out whenever I start a new game or restart and old one .
    -Kanto: Love em all, grew up with them, I always want al of them every time I start, there isn't one of them that I dislike at all.

    -Johto: I hte everything about totodile's evolutions, when I use it it never evolves. I like meganium, but only in-game. Typhlosion and cyndaquil are both ugly to me, so I evolve cyndaquil into a quilava and keep it there forever mwahaha.

    -Hoenn: I likes mudkips but its evolutions scare the bajeezus out of me. Actually, that's true for all 3 of the pokemon here, they scared me half to death when I first started the game but hey I was all teenie tiny I got over it.

    -Sinnoh: I don't like chimchar, never did never will I hate everything about it. I like turtwig and piplup though, espcially thir typings.
    -Unova:.... gross, ew, yuck, spit. None of the babies are squirtle cute, I only like serperior because it reminds me of dragonair and samurott because it looks like something I'd have fun riding, like a suicune type of thing.
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