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I've always found my Nokia Lumia 900 to be handy under most circumstances, but sometimes, I just need the performance during night-time shots without spending a lot of a new phone - and less noise in most shots, too.

Now, that makes me wonder whether I should start saving up for a new camera: even a cheap point-and-shoot will do, as long as it does one thing well - take photos.

Or should I just do software magic?

Every time I look at the photos taken with my phone, somtimes things get a bit... underwhelming. It's either the noise or the detail, Anything less than perfect sunlight, and things go awry. Sometimes I get the dreaded pink blob; other times, the green blob; and finally, my videos always have a bad "Instagram effect".

OK, let's see my options here:
  • A $150 or less digicam will probably give me something better than my smartphone and will fit in my pockets along with my smartphone, wallet, and keys without carrying any bags.
  • I can also take an older Olympus from my old home, though it's kinda bulky, and doesn't tolerate shake at all, and it uses xD for the cards instead of SD or internal flash - very impractical. I will need a bag for this.
  • Or I can get an old film Canon (better get used to NOT impulse-shooting) that is really, really good, but also inconvenient. I'll need a bag AND materials. And there's the matter of getting film...

What should I do?
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