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Julia Blackwood - Old Cave
Julia started to examine these... 'paintings' with a discerning eye, leaning over a bit to get a closer look. What did this describe? It was exceedingly primitive. Who would paint something like this when they could just... write? In fact, she quickly started to assuming they didn't mean anything. What was that supposed to be anyway? She couldn't quite snag the meaning easily. Regardless, soon enough a male voice startled her and she nearly jumped in her boots. Eh..? She looked and saw the black furred smeargle through the ghostly light of Ice's will'o'wisp. What's that, mister smeargle? Don't touch that? It will consume you and destroy Altomere? Well! He didn't have to tell her twice! A single hand held up to her mouth, she moved forward towards the pokemon. "Okay..." she said, her tone implying she had more to say. "What is this..?" she asked, curious. Talking pokemon? Pfft, whatever. She could worry about that later.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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