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Fletcher Davis, Melbourne, Australia

Fletcher just stared at the screen as the chaos erupted in front of him. Avatars passed by the screen in a rush in order to escape deletion; their users in a hurry to protect their lives.

And he would have to do the same.

This was unbelievable. He tried logging out again and again, but only received a warning message telling him that he was unauthorised to use this button. In rage, he swiped the bottle of water off if his desk. He still had classes to attend; he could not drop everything to sit at home and play this game. Switching his avatar into its wolf form, Fletcher scurried between the legs, hooves and sticks that held up the other avatars rushing around him. Hiding in the shadows of one of the pillars holding up the stadium, Fletcher turned from his monitor and began brushing his hands through his hair.

“This can’t be happening…” He repeated over and over again but no matter how many times he said it, the truth was right in front of his eyes.

To: Kieran Davis
Re: Cloud
>Dude, what the hell is this?
> I need your help!
>Come on, I’m your brother!!

Relaxing, he let out a sigh, waiting for the unmistakeable vibration of his phone signalling an incoming text message while keeping an eye on the monitor where his avatar sat in stasis as the others fought one another. He pondered joining the fight, obtaining some keys and getting stronger, but he didn’t really have the outstanding credentials of being a good fighter…

Bringing up a profile of his avatar, he scanned for the achievements bar, clicking on it. What Icarus had said was true; their accounts had been wiped entirely. His Kill/Death ratio had been restored to zero. It was a chance for Fletcher to restart and not have such a dismal rate. But the fact remained that his fighting skills in Cloud were pretty awful. Now would be the best time to learn.

From: Kieran Davis
Re: Cloud

“Goddamnit!” Kieran was always evasive and always shrugged him off. In a time like this where his entire identity was on the line, he still refused to help. It was Kieran’s fault that Fletcher was even in this mess to begin with.

To: Kieran Davis
Re: Cloud
>If you can’t, then who can?

From: Kieran Davis
Re: Cloud

The reply was instant, unusual for Kieran, but even ten minutes later; Fletcher hadn’t even received another reply message. Two text messages later and still no response from Kieran.

“Fine then, don’t help me, ass.”

Fletcher returned to Cloud, letting out a sigh as his Daemon stood safe in the shadows as the stadium continued to empty. Bringing up the messaging menu, he crafted a quick message to Ryuujinx.

Hi Ryuujinx, this is Atreyu from the guild.
Are you still in the Stadium? Want to team up?

With message sent, Fletcher reclined in his chair, waiting for Ryuujinx to reply to his message. Hopefully they would agree and Fletcher would have at least one ally within this world; there’s no telling how many of his supposed ‘guild members’ would quickly turn on him for his key. From now on, he needed to tread lightly.