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    I'll start a normal ultimate challenge ( all ultimates for me will be up to gen 4 because i dont have B/W and emulators on my CPU for Ds is crap)

    Day 1 2/2/2013

    I obtained this item called "Update Log"
    -Chose Cyndaquil
    -Went to Mr. Pokemon's
    -Beat ??? with ease
    -named him silver
    -Caught a Sentreet!
    -named him Bill
    -grinded Bill up to lvl 9
    -Caugth a Dunsparce in the Dark Cave!
    -named him bill!


    Bill Lvl. 9

    -Defensive Curl

    Blake Lvl. 4


    Location: Outside Dark Cave.

    All Kanto Monotypes Progress
    Normal, Flying, Poison, Fire, Water Fighting, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Grass, Electric,
    Psychic, Ice, Dragon

    All Kanto Solo Challenges