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    In my opinion, they are all equal. Ruby is good if you want a simpler version of hoenn, hate team magma, and like groudons. Sapphire is good if you also want a simpler version of hoenn, hate team aqua, and like kyogres. Emerald is good if you like extras, the battle frontier, and rayquazas. However, if you like Fire-Type Pokemon as myself DON'T CHOOSE Sapphire or Emerald. It will set you up for failure! One reason being that in Sapphire you are going up against an orgamization filled with Water-Types and that you will be facing a Kyogure. In Pokemon Emerald it is bad until oh I don't face the Champion, Wallace, lover of all things water. Steven Stone makes a much better opponent if you like fire-types. In all three games though, they set fire-starters up for failure. Even in Ruby when you go up against Team Magma you don't have much of an advantage. All in all the games are pretty much equal. It just has to do with personal preference truly.
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