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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Well it could be a box in front of someone else's house, we accidentally trip over it, and then we grab the Pokemon inside and take it back to the professor, thennnn he offers you one of the three for taking it back to him/her. :3
You totally just gave me an idea with this scenario.

What if we're a young assistant working with the Professor. We pick up his package at his house and bring it back to him at the lab. There's a new young trainer that's supposed to be coming in to pick up their first Pokémon that day (they'll end up becoming one of of rivals maybe; perhaps we could've take the starter they wanted). However, as it turns out the starters seem to like us, and as a reward the professor lets us choose one to begin our own journey and help him with the PokéDex.

Originally Posted by Paradise3 View Post
I don't care too much but I hope for a few things:

1. Not like Black and White in the sense that you can't check the nature until you finish those two battles and it takes forever. (I don't mind the battles but I wish you could check your Pokemon out before being thrown into 2 battles... It took forever to get the right nature on my starter...)

2. Received in a way that the animation will be really awesome. Because 3D needs to be awesome.
I'll cheers to that.