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    Originally Posted by Hacker Bisharp View Post
    I've just beat Samuel and this is my team

    Do you like it?
    Hmm...Your team looks fine...

    Originally Posted by Mochorro View Post
    Hacker Bisharp, I like your team. I wouldn't use Machoke as you already have a Fighting-type (Fraxure) which will be getting Brick Break (via TM 31 in the city where you can buy every TM), but otherwise the team is fine as it is.

    I've gone a bit further in the game, and I've found a few bugs/problems.

    The most important one is about Victini. In Mt. Skywall, there is a part in which the game tells you: "Please come with 5 Pokémon." I went back to leave Buizel, and I began to use Aerodactyl as a HM Slave. Without Flash, I managed to go back to that place with 5 Pokémon, and I could go on. But after going on, I found a wild Swoobat in the grass, which I caught as I didn't have it. I didn't remember I had to go with 5 Pokémon, and I went to the Victini and Kyurem-W event with 6 Pokémon (My 5 Pokémon + Swoobat), so Victini didn't appear in my team. I don't know if it went to the PC or not, but I didn't have Victini for the battle. I switched off the emulator inmediately, and did that part again, without catching that Swoobat, and I got the Victini. So you could do two things about it: Remove all the grass patches after that message, or (the one I prefer) put the message a bit later, after all the grass patches have been left behind.

    And a few other minor things:

    Many of these people don't have text.
    This is not a bug, it's just that you should increase the experience Basculin gives you, because I remember them giving a lot of Exp. Points in BW, and here, that is what a trainer's Lv 72 Basculin gave me (Less than 1000 points!)
    I don't know if this is a bug or not, but this person doesn't fight.

    That is what he said to me before I got the badge, so I didn't have the badge yet.
    Isn't Lily too weak in this battle?

    I managed to beat the E4, thanks to Haxorus getting at +6 Atk and +6 Spe with Dragon Dance, here is the Hall of Fame!

    (Should have taken the picture with all my Pokémon, I took it too late and Victini and Magnezone don't appear...)

    I wanted to ask you if this hack will include Physical/Special split or if it is already in in the last patch, because it would improve Chandelure (Shadow Ball) and Haxorus (Dragon Claw) a lot. Also, will you edit moves such as Outrage, to make it 120 BP instead of 90?
    I've fixed these bugs,and I'm not about to change Basculin's Exp.Piont,because there're too many of them in this hack,I don't want it such easy to gain Exp. Points,and I've made Outrage 120 BP,and made it only 10 PP like how B/W did,and I'll not include Physical/Special split yet,so Haxorus can be weaker to make the hack a bit more difficult.

    Originally Posted by XXVIII View Post
    Where does this game ends? Also I found a problem in the trick house, after beating e4 and other events in west tyron I went back to trick house. The trick house changes everytime I finish it but at the 3rd or 4th(i cant remember) the boulders blocked the path and there is no good place where I can push it using hm strength..
    This hack ends after you win on the Challenge Bridge and win the first prise in the Central Area,as for that trick house...I do that on purpose,after all,it's a trick house,so it ought to be difficult to get through.

    Originally Posted by Hacker Bisharp View Post
    I am continuing to play and I'm noticing that there are fewer errors.
    Good work!
    But I've found are a couple xD
    And. .. How do I evolve my Machoke?
    I've fixed these bugs just now,and to evelove your Machoke,you need to make it level up with happiness value at 220.
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