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I had an idea while thinking about the common theory that the titles refer to genetics: Genetic Engineering. Maybe there would be a lab somewhere, and you could have them genetically engineer Pokemon for you. Maybe these genetically engineered Pokemon would have a significantly lowered chance, if not completely impossible for it to have egg moves, but would have a slightly increased chance for higher IVs and shininess, a 5% chance of having the Dream World ability, and an extremely low (say, 1%) chance of having an attack that the Pokemon could not have otherwise (Such as Emolga with Volt Tackle, for example). These would also have a unique appearance(Think Mewtwo's clones in the first movie, not entirely new appearance, just a special pattern or something to indicate that they were engineered). The evil team's thing would be Pokemon purity, and oppose this, as well as all other Pokemon they would believe shouldn't exist. (Mewtwo, Porygon, Fossils, etc.)
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