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    Mine is in my signature. NO, I don't hack! But my friend does He gives me his newly recieved Torchics from Hoenn, two Eevee's (one shiny) from the Pokemon Modifyer, and one Ninetails that I catch myself for every game. Honestly the stats themselves aren't hacked but the finding a pokemon you don't normally in a different region. That would be the only reason for me to get an Action Replay. I can't stand playing without my Blaze and Vee <3 Hacking and cheating for stats, IV's, walking through walls, stealing trainers pokemon.......not what I do. But it is perectly fine if you are unable to get that pokemon in that particular game or region. Example: You want a Skitty, but are unable to get one because you are in Pokemon Black. Well you use the Modifyer Code to get a NONSTERIOD Skitty. I wouldn't do this tho if you want a legendairy. SORRY got off topic. So yea my team is below...
    They are...
    Blaze-Blaziken, Fire Type, Adamant-Natured, Likes to fight, Blaze Ability
    Vee-Espeon, Psychic Type, Lonely-Natured, Mischeveous, Sychronize Ability
    Eon-Eevee, Normal-Type, Rash-Natured, Thourghly Cunning, Adaptability Ability, Shiny
    Red-Ninetails, Fire Type, Sassy-Natured, Often Lost in Thought, Flash Fire Ability
    "I-I'm not looking for you, there is anouther..."
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