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well episode 2 is up.

Long Play version
So I begin this episode, by training up my lillipup. It holds it's own against ay challenger on route one and learned Bite too. I got both Lillipup and Oshawott up to level 9 then began to explore the town. there were a few people who just kept giving me the same new trainer advise and a generous old man who lived in an apartment in the north part of town gave me a free pokéball.
When I visited the house above the Pokémon Center I met a really nice couple who shared with me their passion for music and gave me a private concert which was really very good.

When I got to the Pokémon center, Prof. Juniper gave me and Bianca the proper tour of the place and told us what each of the sections do. There was the healing section, the public access computer section and then there was the Mart section. After she left I walked outside and Cheren asked me to join him to watch a public demonstration that was going on. Some weird green haired guy with only 1 eye kept babbling on about liberation and how we confine pokemon to a life of slavery and how he wanted to change all of that. I think his robes were too tight. If a pokemon wanted to leave its pokéball it can freely do so. gee wiz.

After the odd demonstration, an odd kid, also with green hair, starts asking what my Pokémon had just said. I told him he was hearing things, since my Pokémon were in their pokéballs. He challenged me to a battle anyway. He sent out a purloin, which was weaker than I expected, and Oshawott easily took it down with 3 water guns to the face. The green haired kid said his name was N and took off saying that he needs to find more pokémon friends. He definitely has a screw loose.
After the battle I went back to the Pokémon center and decided to get some rest and explore Route 2 the next day.

Pokémon at the end of Episode 2

Pallet the Oshawott
Level 9
Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun

Viridian the Lillipup
Level 9
Tackle, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Bite
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