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    Its always been this way though...if you ever read the manga, almost everything circles around the gym leaders. They, with the Player fight for a common goal, generally.
    In Kanto, your very Rival is the champion before he becomes a gym leader. Also with the little signs you see infront of gyms tell about the Leaders personal life or character. Also in Johto the Leaders heal pokemon, test you in caves, help their friends search for legendary pokemon. In hoenn the players father is a gym leader, roxiann is a teacher, wattson is the mayor and keeper with sidequests, wallace was supposed to be champion, ect. Sinnoh also plays along with the trend and lets Roark be a miner who helps you in Sinnoh Underground, the whole theory about the Gardernia, leaders being friends from other regions, (btw when I saw whatsherface at sunnyshore it literally screamed REMAKE) Again with Unova, Chili, Cilan, Cress are waitors, Lenora is a muesem person lady, Burgh is an artist, Roxie is in a band, Draydon=mayor, Skyla=pilot, blah blah blah. Other I forgot to mention is Blaine being a Scientist and Lt. Surge being an ex-general. Sorry for the long, sloppy, rambling guys ; Just making the point that it has always been this way, probably because of the manga.
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