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    I can't tell if a lot of mine are good or terrible, but I'll share them anyway

    Gardevoir - "Cabbage"
    Nidoking - "The Baron"
    Dragonite - "GreatMish"
    Electrike - "Backflip"
    Ratatta - "RatFish"
    Pidgey (or pretty much any bird pokemon) - "BirdFish"
    Deoxys - "TurnipFish"
    Wurmple - "LEVEL 1?!" (guess why I named it that)
    Omanyte - "DumpySlug"
    Spheal - "Clappeh"
    Wynaut - "Noh"
    Riolu - "Ray"
    Kabuto - "Kabubble"
    Vaporeon - "Q"
    Oddish - "WTFplant"
    Gastly - "Goose"

    Blimey, there's a lot of 'em there.
    Turnips shall rise.