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    Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
    First of all, let me tell you what's wrong with this part:

    There are two things wrong with what you have done here. The first thing is that two wait movement commands should never be together, you only need one. The second thing is that your applymovements will not work as you planned. Something more to this would get the desired effect:

    applymovement 0x0 @move
    applymovement 0xFF @turn
    waitmovement 0x0
    applymovement 0x0 @moveback
    waitmovement 0x0

    That's not why the script isn't running though, you're using the wrong flag (if this is Fire Red). You should be checking flag 0x828.
    I think it's the right flag for the Pokemon menu because i'm hacking emerald.

    I think the problem is that when you open the emulator you do not see the sprite that's supposed to move..