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    Originally Posted by XxITomxX View Post
    I Need Help on going to the detective,getting the key and waking up snorlax.
    Road 3:How i wake up that snorlax = impossible, I have yet to add it into the storyline, as in the original game, you need the flute, but to give it so early would destroy the reason it is there, to block your passage; be patient
    Cave 1:How i get in none pokemon of mine know rock smash = you don't use rocksmash, I have yet to do it, but there are no moves used in this game, only items or equipment, or tools, ie, a saw a hammer, and watterwingies
    Cyan City: How you swim i need to get in that hobos house = I haven't made it so you can swim yet, I'm still thinking about how...but you'll be able to eventually
    Road 4:How i get past bushes = you need to click them and solidify your assumptions that you cannot pass, you return to stannum city and talk to a few people in the adoption agency

    thanks for taking an interest in my game this much though! I really appreciate that people are really trying to tinker around in the little things i have done ^ ^

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