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The biggest thing that happened to me since February 2012, was that I finally got my high school diploma and was considered a graduate. Back in May of 2011, I was supposed to graduate from high school, but because of one class , my American Issues, that I failed, I could graduate with my class. In order to actually get my diploma I had to take something called a correspondence course. This course was a set of five lessons all which had questions I had to answers in essay style of at least 100 words. In order to answer some I had to read through a old Ameican History book and find where they were and others I had to use critical thinking to answer. So I spent my summer doing that course. I finished around October, mainly due to some slacking off, but also cause it was long. So after that, I turned it back in to the school's learning consultant , who assigned me the course in the first place, so she can send it over to the grading instructor. I could of been finished with it in 2011, however the instructor sent it back cause my writing was too illegible for him to read and so he could only grade part of it, which I got a C. There was also an entire lesson I forgot to finish. Therefore, I had to re-write my answers , complete that last lesson ,and send it back. So I spent most of 2012 doing that. I put it off several times through out the year cause things like Pokecommunity and anticapting B2W2 distracted me, but finally got it done around the end of September. It took me to the early October to finally turn in the finished product. A few weeks later, I got the paper back and fortunately, the rest of the course I got an A. So then I scheduled an exam. I believe October 17, was the day of my exam. I was nervous and tired but made it through. Then on November 6, I finally got my diploma in the mail and became a high school graduate after almost 2 years. But other than that, my 2012 was a normal year.

By February 2014, I hope to slack off less and be more organized. I have to have a decent job and to be in college taking classes and majoring in whatever fits me the most. Right now I hope to take more art classes and become a better artist. It's kind of sad how all of my high school classmates will be ending their 2nd year of college and starting their 3rd by the time I start my 1st year. That's one thing I regret doing is not graduating till a year and a half after my class and not being able to experience college at the same time as them. I hope by 2014, I can be settled into a good school and have a good job and have some idea of what I'm doing in the future.
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