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Cassandra Alexandera- Dalenham, the Broken Keg

The sounds of war filled Cass' mind. The roars of men, the cries of women and children, the carnage of battle and the smell of blood all painted a picture of this beautiful chaos in her head. A vision was constructed before her and it was pleasant. Was she dreaming? She wouldn't put it past her. It had happened before. But it was different. It was like she was in the battle, not observing it.

"You dumb b*tch!" Cass heard a burly man roar. His breath stunk of a cheap ale and she could feel the saliva launch from his mouth all over her deceptively delicate features. He grabbed her by the collar of her low cut shirt, stealing a peek of her assets. This all felt too real to be a dream, and it was making her…uncomfortable. Surprisingly so. "I am going to do terrible things to you, and you are going to enjoy every moment of it, aren't ya?" More saliva. Lovely. Cass was still out of it. All that drinking hit her harder than she thought. How was the dwarf still conscious? Nevermind that one chick with the Fire ale. She looked like a wimp, too. Cass needed to stop underestimating people. The feeling in her hands were returning though, but her head was still woozy. The thick wind from the man's putrid mouth was getting closer and an intoxicated group of men gathered around. Cass was surrounded and she felt….pressured to act. To defend herself. To fight back. But she felt weak. Helpless. Didn't she get knocked out a few moments ago? Some pretty boy did it too.

Ugh, Cass thought to herself. What's wrong with me?! Why am I getting rusty? I only killed like 42 orcs today too. My body count was at least 69 the other day. I made sure to get that number too. Cass felt a tear run down her cheeks.

"Oh hey guys! The ***** is crying. How cute! She must realize how ****ed she is!"

"Not exactly," Cass said, subconsciously. She had no idea what came over herself. "That tear was for you."

"Eh?" A suddenly a loud crack echoed through the Broken Keg, living up to its namesake. The man who had grabbed Cassandra was sprawled out on the floor, his left leg limp as if every bone shattered into pieces. The encircling crowd was speechless. Dumbfounded, even. In its wake, Cass fixed her outfit, cleaning herself off a bit.

"Who's next?" She said, cracking her neck and knuckles.

Cass kicked up a stool from under a local patron, grabbed in midair and broke it over the head of an attacking patron, dodged another attack and drove a leftover piece of wood into the leg of another. A quick quarter turn lead to a mean left hook in which Cass could feel the man's face mold around her fist as she launched the man into the ground. Two more men attacked at the same time and Cass stumbled over her feet, unable to keep her balance. The alcohol was slowing her down. One grabbed her from behind and the other punched her in the gut. The man kept up his assault until Cass swung her legs up and kicked the man back, causing him to fall back into a table. Cass flung her head back, knocking the man who grabbed her square in the noise with a loud crunch. She freed herself and then lifted her knee into the man's groin, making him fall back in pain.

More victims threw themselves at Cass, and she dodged the attacks with a clumsy dance of steps, often throwing the attackers into one another with a mix trips, elbows, punches and headbutts. Cass made her way to the bar, fighting through the crowds with a few cuts and open wounds. A couple of brutes thought it was clever to pull out their knives and slash at Cass, but she disposed of them easily enough by driving their knives into their shoulders with a fancy parry she learned from Varian. At the bar, she drove two attackers heads into the counter leaving a little bloodstain as a reminder. She kicked up another bar stool and threw through the crowd, parting them and making a straight line back to her sword that was left on the ground. She returned to its resting place on her back and stood in the middle of tavern, hiding from the fight to catch her breath.

The door out of the Broken Keg was blocked. Far too much fighting to go through and she didn't want to kill anyone. Dalenham was too important of a city to be wanted in. A small fickle of brilliance came over her, which was surprising. Cass was never one for bright ideas. That was Varian's speciality. She was only really good at fighting and surviving. Cass grabbed a relatively innocent bystander and chucked him out the window with a thunderous smash of shattering glass. Cass dived out the window after that instant, rolling on to the cobblestone street.

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