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Originally Posted by CrowClaw View Post
Is there anyway to make the screen bigger aside from adjusting the resolution in properties?, could you make the screen bigger anyway im loving the game BTW
Go to options -> screen size, the only choices are 256x192 and 512x384, but the latter should be good enough.

Originally Posted by Drisss View Post
Hi I tried the game and enjoyed it. Great job !
Is seikamater catchable ?

CrowClaw : try alt+enter

Edit : Is there any other stone than the water stone ?
Seikamater is not catchable, just as Tiko says before the battle. You'll have to obtain her some other way. (hint: the method is included in the download...)

There are other stones in the game-- there's a man on the top floor of a house in Rochfale who gives out random stones when you show him specific Pokemon (Dunsparce, Magikarp, etc). There are various stones scattered around the other routes, too. In 3.1 we'll add them to the lottery and an event in Vinoville where you can choose any stone you like.
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