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The fact that nobody has replied in a long time is more than enough proof of PPC dying. :(
Anyhow, I'd like to throw in a few suggestions.

Event Promotion:
The mods could probably get PPN to set up a banner thingy at the top to notify users of PPC. That way those who don't frequent OT would also know of it. Maybe we could also get a tutorial for making profile themes (or if one already exists; can't remember but someone did make it. Probably it was Forever) so that newbies have some understanding of it.

Past Winners allowing to participate:
Agreed. Mainly because I want to participate again.

Possible Themes for the contests:
I'd rather not. It is known that we have a few who are willing to participate and assigning a theme would probably force them to change their awesome profiles or some might be too lazy to do that. Do this only once the event catches up.

Timespan between each contest:
We should start with one every 3-4 months and if any of the new ideas work, change it back to once every month.

I'm willing. :)