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    After the growing success of Pokémon Steel, I thought it was time for action to take place. So, because of that, Pokémon Lunar was born. Pokémon Lunar is very different to Pokémon Steel, but unfortunately, it can't be done without any help. Also, there will be a fanfiction of this game, and is currently in progress. Chapter One and Two will be up soon.

    The Spirit Of The Night. The Prince Of Nightmare's. The Doom Bringer. The Shock Of Death. Death's Best Friend. All of it sums up the one Pokémon known as Darkrai. A very unknown Pokémon, it's power the only thing humans well and truly understand. With it's nicknames, it carries everything with it. Death, Nightmare's, Doom. But everyone seeks it's true power. However, recent reports of deaths in the Kirion region take matters into a whole new level. As a group of people, seeking to use Darkrai's powers for their own good, appear, suddenly the whole world is thrown into Darkrai's hands. And only one Pokémon can control that. That strange Pokémon never seen in front of human eyes for several thousand years. It's name even unknown. However, people call it "Life". It is the only hope to eliminate the powers of Darkrai. If that fails, then nothing works, and the world will well and truly be in the hands of Death.

    In Pacifico Town (Pacifico is a Portuguese translation of peaceful), it's finally time for you to pick your starter. It's the traditional Grass/Fire/Water trio (however, there is another trio in the game), and the Pokémon are called Vinleef, the Sauropod Pokémon, Scerch, the Balloon Pokémon, and Mintris, the Slug Pokémon. Each have special features, and when fully evolved, all are dual types (Scerch gets a type gain in the second evolution though), and so, add a competitive field into the game. Once you pick your starter, it's off to Path 1A (Paths replace Routes), to search for the new Pokémon, and to train your own! You catch Pokémon, and train them. Eventually, you arrive at town number two, called Acalmar Town, a calm town located next to a bustling city, the biggest in the region. For the first time, you sight your rival, called Paul. Paul knows you from childhood, and you two used to be enemies, and still are. You have your first battle. You must win. It's a hard battle, he only has one Pokémon, but it's strong. Then, once you have defeated him, it's off to train again. However, while training, a strange team under the name of Team Midnight appear, talking about a mysterious sighting that apparently was seen by the Gym Leader of Vivace City. As your next destination, you decide to battle the Gym Leader, to get more information about the sightings. When you win, the information you find out ends up not helping you, just scaring you. Darkrai has arrived in Kirile. And all of a sudden, the whole region realizes what evil force has entered their boundaries. Darkrai is attacking. Will you stop him and Team Midnight from putting the world into gloom? Will you obtain all 8 Gym Badges? Will you complete the Pokédex? Will you stop all the worries of the people of the world? Will YOU save the world?


    Age: 15
    Starter: Choice Of Vinleef/Scerch/Mintris
    Information: This is you. You are the hero. You are the one that must complete the Pokédex, catch all the Pokémon in Kirile, and stop Darkrai. You may have noticed by now, but your something special. :D


    Age: 15
    Starter: Starter with type advantage to yours
    Information: Your one and only rival throughout the game. Paul really wants to win every single battle. He is really quite annoying sometimes, which isn't always a bad thing. However, he can be nasty sometimes, so my advice is to look out for him.

    Gym Leaders

    Gym Leader 1 - Jerry

    City: Vivace City
    Type Specialty: Normal
    Badge Awarded: Plain Badge
    Pokémon: Unknown
    Information: Your first opponent, Jerry can be rather challenging for a person who hasn't trained his Pokémon, and so, will be a worth opponent.

    Gym Leader 2 - Planta

    City: ???
    Type Specialty: Grass
    Badge Awarded: Leaf Badge
    Pokémon: Unknown
    Information: As your second gym leader, naturally she's stronger than the first. She has a pretty strong partner though, so this really is a challenge to be wary of.

    Gym Leader 3 - Flan

    City: ???
    Type Specialty: Fire
    Badge Awarded: Volcano Badge (Sprite Coming Soon)
    Pokémon: Unknown
    Information: The third gym leader has an evolved Pokémon, and so, this could get tricky. But it's not too bad, and not much of an improvement on the second, they are only a route and cave apart! He can be easy, let's keep it at that.

    Gym Leader 4 - Seala

    City: ???
    Type Specialty: Water
    Badge Awarded: Storm Badge (Sprite Coming Soon)
    Pokémon: Unknown
    Information: This can be a real challenge if you are not awake. Her final Pokémon is on the verge of being a Level 30, so a huge challenge awaits you, if you dare challenge her.

    Gym Leader 5 - Bolt

    City: Lightstream City
    Type Specialty: Electric
    Badge Awarded: Voltage Badge (Sprite Coming Soon)
    Pokémon: Unknown
    Information: Your first battle where you may feel dwarved in skill. Bolt is no easy task at all. You won't sweep him like you may have done to the others. You will need a full on six Pokémon to battle this dude. He ain't that bad, really.

    Gym Leader 6 - Flake

    City: ???
    Type Specialty: Ice
    Badge Awarded: Snowflake Badge (Sprite Coming Soon)
    Pokémon: Unknown
    Information: And you thought it would get easy. The third girl of the gym leaders, she really puts up a challenge. However, her good looks really put you off (clue: she uses attract).

    Gym Leader 7 - Dred

    City: Darklose City
    Type Specialty: Dark/Ghost
    Badge Awarded: Mystery Badge (Sprite Coming Soon)
    Pokémon: Unknown
    Information: The true mystery of Dark and Ghost types. He is the only gym leader to specialize in two types, rather than just one. Because of this, he has 4 Pokémon, and so, can cause real trouble, especially with his partner (which is a new Dark/Ghost type)!

    Gym Leader 8 - Dragao

    City: Monleil City
    Type Specialty: Dragon
    Badge Awarded: Lord Badge (Sprite Coming Soon)
    Pokémon: Unknown
    Information: Your first thought is "oh no, another Dragon gym leader", but that will change quickly in battle mode. He has a powerful team of four, with a level no lower than 49. And you though Diamond and Pearl was hard...

    (Map Work In Progress)

    The Kirile Region is pretty large, and most cities are the largest cities in the Pokémon world. It's huge. Literally.

    Kirile Region Starters (Credit To Ęℓαчиıı for the artwork of them all. Amazing job too.)

    Vinleef - Artwork

    Vinleef is the grass type starter. Vinleef is also reguarly farmed by farmers looking for grapes to feed Pokemon. However, since they are not ripe enough, humans cannot eat them. Vinleef tends to use the horns at the top of it's head in fights.

    Scerch (Coming Soon)

    Mintris (Coming Soon)


    I can't do this project on my own. I will need help. Here is what I need, and a rating of how badly.

    Artist - Badly
    Spriter - Very Badly
    Scriper - Badly
    Mapper - Not Really Needed
    Pokemon Y > Pokemon X

    Don't agree? Sorry for spoiling your day.

    Coming soon... a new game... after I've finished Pokemon Steel of course.

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