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    Bay halted as Amy teleported between them, throwing him off guard. Her Destiny Bond ability was something of an innovative technique that he had never heard of but apparently it was like she connected her soul to the boy who attacked him. Feeling at unease even though Amethyst intervened, Bay frowned at the thought that this boy attacked them out of the blue even though he didn’t know who they were and the boy had even managed to put a deep cut in his arm, blood leaking out although Bay forced himself to avoid looking at it.

    The boy walked backwards and pleaded for his life. It was almost as if he didn’t know that he attacked them. As if they didn’t recognize this, Emily and Lucy began to beat around senseless CURBSTOMP HIM!!! followed by Lucy capturing the boy and storing him in her stomach along with water from Emily’s Hydro Pump. Did that help with the digestion process and apparently the experience of being in someone else’s stomach didn’t prevent Lucy from eating him.

    The thought of this along with the gash on his arm made Bay gag for a moment but he managed to hold back the urge to let loose his food (it was a hard thing to come by these days) and he looked in his bag for some sort of bandaging but it was a lost cause although he did manage to find an old, torn, orange shirt. Making due with the shirt, Bay ripped off a piece of it and tied it to his arm sloppily. The blood soaked thread but it didn’t seep through Lucy called both Mako and Bay and Bay followed behind the former.

    He noticed Amy comatose on the ground and stared at her with puzzlement. Was it her Destiny technique or did something else happen to her? Mako lifted her on his back in a manner similar to how he was previously carrying his sister after checking for her heartbeat. Hopefully she would be okay but regardless, there was another thing that was tugged at his conscious. Bay dashed up to Lucy hoping that she wouldn’t kill the boy.

    “Lucy, that boy was trying to kill me but for some reason he turned into a completely different person when Amy stopped him. Please don’t kill him.” Bay pleaded. The blood held in the shirt began to leak out and blood trickled down Bay’s arm to his hands. He felt that he should’ve been able to handle it although if Amy hadn’t stopped them then one of them would be dead. “But what are you going to do with him and also what are we going to do once we find whoever leveled Eterna?”

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