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    Hey guys, I'm back with another Poison update! (Btw, this is take three of trying to post this)

    Update #1: A New Challenge

    What happened this time:
    I started by naming myself Jacob, my rival Gary, and picking a Bulbasaur, consequently naming it Saur. I lost to Gary the first battle, and skipped the second battle. I almost caught a Weedle, then decided against it. I swept through Brock's gym with ease, finally resting in Pewter City with one badge.

    The team:
    Saur the Lv. 15 Bulbasaur
    Ability: Overgrow
    Nature: Brave
    Sleep Powder
    Leech Seed
    Vine Whip

    That's all for now. I am using screenshots instead of listing the information for my team, to show honesty and because I thought the concept was cool. (EDIT: The screenshots did not want to work with me so ignore this last sentence.) Anyway, my next update will be that of my Electric challenge, since I decided to juggle challenges. But, I will start that later, because I am starting to work on a parkour map for Minecraft (anyone who wants it, I'll give you the link when I'm done). Peace!