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    Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
    Numel > Camerupt

    Numel is one of my favourite pokemon, I do love Camerupt but I feel sad whenever I know Numel must evolve into Camerupt in order to stay strong.

    Roselia > Roserade

    I love Roserade, so it says something that I still prefer Roselia....but I just do. Roselia would be in my top 10 favourite pokemon. I'm not as sad about evolving Roselia as I am with Camerupt, because Roserade is great too.

    Surskit > Masquerain

    I wish it would have kept it's Bug/Water typing. To go from such a unique typing to a bog standard typing that's everywhere is just tragic.
    I just wanted to note that I agree with these 100% - not just the opinions, but the reasoning. I like Camerupt - I just like Numel better. And I love Roserade, but Roselia's been one of my favorites ever since the first time I used one in Sapphire, so it's sort of sad to see it go (and it doesn't help any that its animated sprite in BW2 is so friggin' cute), and Surskit has an awesome unique typing and it's such a shame that it loses it. I like Masquerain okay anyway, but it'd be SO much better if it kept the typing.
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