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    Cheryll Renee Moreau

    Cheryll yawned as she sat up and looked at the clock 7:00. "It's to early." She whispered to herself as she got out if bed shivering as her bare feet touched the cold wood floor. Running a hand through her messy white-blonde hair Cheryll yawned again and grabbed her hairbrush and her clean uniform. "Just because I don't want to be here...doesn't mean I'm going to slack on my education." She muttered exiting the room and entering the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later Cheryll was washed and her teeth and hair brushed and she was dressed in her uniform. Glancing at the clock again seeing the time at 7:15 the girl sighed again just as an announcement came over the PA system.

    "Good morning students from 3C!
    Rise and shine and get ready for class!"

    "Today the local school mall is opened from 1 pm till 5 pm, feel free to stop by!"

    "You'll have two classes today from your homeroom teacher Higoroshi-sensei, Youkai studies and Youkai history.
    Class ends at 12.30 pm today, make sure to make this day another usefull one! Oh! and class starts at 8.30 am! hehe I almost forgot~ have a nice day!"

    Once the announcement was over Cheryll nodded to herself as her stomach growled. "Time to go eat" she muttered grabbing her bag that was full of books and left her room walking to the cafeteria. Once there Cheryll quickly got a plate of bacon and eggs as well as a cup orange juice and sat down at a table. Setting her large book on Youkai history on the table she started to read absentmindedly eating her breakfast as she turned the pages of her book.

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