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Originally Posted by Fire Flyy View Post
Definitely some nice sprites here, the trainer is especially nice and a bit reminiscent of Aquakip's style. Only thing I'm really not a big fan of is the wolf/dog fire starter, maybe it's the colors but it seems a bit more flat than the others; the shading on the legs is a pretty sharp contrast to the body's color on the front sprite.
Thanks! Aquakip is my good friend and I've definitely picked up a few things from him. For the fire starter (it's actually a spotted hyena, you can tell better with the evolutions) I don't plan on changing the shade color, I'm pretty content with it for now, but I do see what you mean with the sharper contrast. It's just the main body color is lighter than the other two so it appears that way, but if I made the shade color lighter it would seem even more flat.
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