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Originally Posted by ShemShem View Post
Hi, I'm new the the pokemon wifi battles and I just have a few questions.
-Is it more beneficial to train your pokemon to lvl 100 instead of using rare candies? I've heard training makes the pokemon stronger, but I'd like some confirmation on this. If that is true, would it be better to train the pokemon from Lvl 1 instead of the catched lvl? Another question is: How long does it take to reach lvl 100 and what's the fastest way to train to that level?
Thanks for any feedback!
Okay, well what makes Pokémon the strongest are it's IVs and EVs. You can't change IVs and you try and get them good through lots of breeding or RNGing. EV training is important for competitive battling. It doesn't matter what level you catch the Pokémon on if you give them the same EVs by the time they reach Lv100. EVs also max out at a total of 510. So if you had a Pokémon with a total of 510 EVs, you could train it to Lv100 with Rare Candies and it wouldn't be any different than one trained through battles. There are many Ev training guides online as well. A great place to get levels up quick is Black Tower/White Treehollow.