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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
I guess. I just don't make much of a distinction because annoyance is still a negative emotion. And if I knew someone was trying to annoy me for their own kicks, I would be really pissed off and hurt if they were my friend. That's why I just can't understand it. Where's the empathy for other people?

Although I guess slightly sadistic people always existed, they just didn't have such a wide audience as they do now on the internet.
Lol, I read this and for a second I was like "what in the world is she on about" then scrolled up and ohhhh. I'd not seen the whole trolling discussion before now. Yeah - neither annoying nor making people angry on purpose is alright, online or offline.

Originally Posted by LilJz1234
You know... some employers demands that you add them on your friend's list and some might even go to the length of asking your PASSWORD.

I'm talking about Facebook, btw.
I... what. Where've ya seen this happening? @[email protected]